Tips to repair a Drywall

Repair Drywall (1)

It is very important to maintain our Drywall, especially when we have pending repairs to make. Today we share some tips for Drywall repair.

1. Use the right material.

When repairing small scratches or dents less than a half inch, fill them with a thin layer of joint compound, also known as drywall mud.

Apply with a 3- to 4-inch putty knife made for working with drywall. We do not recommend using it with the kind of narrow putty knife you would use with wood putty. Smooth the padding until it is flush with the wall.

2. Save time and energy

Take advantage of prefabricated products designed to simplify repair tasks.

Patch kits with reinforced center panels and self-adhesive tape are ideal for smaller holes. A combination of drywall compound and primer (such as 3M Patch Plus Primer) makes the surface ready for painting.

3. Importance of cleanliness

Use a utility knife, box cutter, or other sharp blade to cut any strands of mesh tape or frayed edges of wallpaper around holes or cracks before applying joint compound. Otherwise, the finished work will show bumps and other imperfections.

4. Don’t go overboard with the cape.

In general, less is more when it comes to joint compound. A thin coat is easier to sand, and you’re less likely to sand off too much and expose the patch.

To get the joint compound to appear flush with the wall near the damage site, prepare the mud when you apply it. Hold the blade at a 70-degree angle, pressing harder on the outer edges of the mud as you move away from the center.

5. Don’t skimp on sanding.

If you save money on sanding, the repaired area will show, so take your time and money.

Once the repaired area is dry, use fine grit sandpaper (100 or 120). After the first round of sanding, add a second layer of mud, extending it about 5 cm beyond the limits of the first layer. Once dry, sand again.

6. Safety first

The fine particles of drywall compound can damage the lungs if inhaled. For this reason, always wear a dust mask when sanding drywall compound.



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Repair Drywall

Tips to repair a Drywall

It is very important to maintain our Drywall, especially when we have pending repairs to make. Today we share some