Tips to repair the washing machine

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The washing machine is a fundamental part of our home, that is why it is essential to be attentive to any news with the washing machine.

Main problems that affect our washing machine

There are many faults that a washing machine can present; covering them in a single article would be something almost impossible to do efficiently. Still, with this intensive course, you will be able to identify the most common ones and if it is not a severe problem, we will teach you how to solve them yourself.

Problem number 1: Centrifugation
The washing machine synchronizer is the one in charge of sending a signal to release the washing machine drum so that it can rotate. But, if you notice that the drum of your washing machine is not turning, this is seldom a synchronizer problem.

This error can be caused by damage to the synchronizer due to humidity; or moisture that occurred through a hole in the washing machine. However, spin failure is usually due to other causes.

Problem number 2: Lack of force in the spin

This is another of the most common problems due to three reasons. The main one is the expired engine belt.

Like in a car, when the belt starts to go slack, the engine revs don’t efficiently affect the rest of the mechanical system. It is important that when buying your washing machine, check with your hand precisely the level of tension that the band has.

The motor is usually attached with a “Chinese” screw; this allows the engine to be moved backward or forward to adjust the band’s tension level. Before changing it, check if you can adjust the tension by moving the motor a little.

The second cause may be because the motor windings have burned out; You can check this with a multimeter, and you will notice that the engine revolutions are not enough when a coil has burned. The problem with this failure is that the motor can continue to run.

The third reason is usually the start capacitor; it is rare for a condenser to fail before a band.

My washing machine spins in only one direction.

This is one of the most common problems with modern washing machines, and it is that, although the transmission box is original, many of these are usually generic. Hence, there is a recognized brand of the washing machine at a meager price in the market. You can tell that the gearbox is “generic” because the lower screw is usually painted red to identify them.

To be entirely sure that it was this piece, specifically the one that failed, you must check with your hand if the washing machine drum rotates to both sides.



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