Guidelines for maintaining your air conditioner

Repair air conditioner

It is the perfect time to carry out a check if you have air conditioning at home. It is an effective way to ensure everything is in order so that you do not have to be surprised when you have high temperatures. Here are some guidelines on how to maintain your air conditioner.

Before you start, the first thing you have to do is read the instructions for your air conditioner. As a general rule, the maintenance process is usually the same for all devices, but there is a possibility that yours needs something more specific. If so, it will be put in the instructions.

Below, we explain the most common steps you must follow when performing maintenance on an air conditioner:

Four steps to clean the air conditioner

1.Clean the filters of the indoor unit

Filters are the pieces responsible for absorbing dust particles and preventing them from reaching the environment. Therefore, it is essential to keep them clean. Otherwise, the performance of the air conditioner may be affected.

To clean them, you don’t need unique cleaning products, use cold water and let them dry in the shade.

It is recommended to do this once a year. Although if your device is a heat pump and you also use it in winter, it may be better to clean the filters more often.

2.Clean the split

Do not forget to clean the rest of the split, especially the part where the drain is made. Avoid at all costs that water accumulates, as it could become a source of bacteria and foul odors.

3.Clean external drive

The outdoor unit usually has more complicated maintenance because it is where the refrigerant gas is located and is generally installed on the fa├žade. For these reasons, it is advised that it should only be handled by a professional, just as it is recommended with installation. Just like your installation.

Still, if it’s accessible and poses no risk, you can dust the external vents with a vacuum or soft brush.

4.Check the circuit
One of the problems you may encounter while maintaining your air conditioner is that the device has a leak, which causes the refrigerant gas to escape. In that case, do not hesitate and call the technician. He will take care of finding the leak, fixing it, and doing a gas refill.



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